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here The consortium has a strong record of work on fisheries and fishing conflicts, and has collaborated previously in various ways. Members of the South African team have worked on a variety of small-scale fisheries research projects and programmes including participation in the Southern African component of an international study on fisheries co-management coordinated by IFM and ICLARM, a three year Artisanal Fisheries research programme for the Benguela Large-scale Marine Ecosystem (BCLME (2003-2006), a two–year WorldFish Center project focussing on Fish rights and security implications in Southeast Asian Fisheries (2003-2004), a two year project looking at governance of the abalone fisheries in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape (2005-2006), a SANPAD funded project concerned with developing an analytical framework for addressing small-scale fishers compliance in South Africa (2006-2008; Sowman and Bavinck, Hauck), and more recently a small-scale fisheries governance project with Chile and Swedish counterparts (National Research Foundation, SA). The South African team (Sowman, Raemaekers, Sunde, Schultz, Williams, Mbatha and Jaffer, Gqlamana) has also previously worked together on research projects (Protecting rights of traditional fishers, Impact of Marine Protected areas on fishing communities), as well as on various capacity building and skills development projects. Sowman, Raemaekers, Jaffer and Sunde were all members of the National Task Team and the Technical Task Team responsible for developing a small-scale fisheries policy for South Africa.

watch The South Asian team members too have a long history of work on small-scale fisheries. With regard to the fishing conflicts in the Palk Bay, Vivekanandan, Kumara, Sosai, and Arulanandam instigated negotiation processes in 2004, which then faltered as a result of the civil war. In 2004, NAFSO worked with SIFFS and ARIF for the good will mission of Indian and Sri Lankan fisheries organizations. Bavinck has studied institutional dimensions of fisheries in various parts of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, and previously worked together with CORDAID on projects in India and Sri Lanka. Stephen and Scholtens have contributed to fisheries studies in India, such as on trends in the trawling sector of the Palk Bay. Menon has published on natural resource themes and has a demonstrated interest in coastal zone issues, and Coulthard and Pouw have done fieldwork on wellbeing dimensions of fishing communities in South India. Amarasinghe and Pradeep Kumara are specialized in fisheries and marine ecology of Sri Lanka. The South Asian team has previously worked together in the context of an IDPAD/NWO-funded project (2003-2006) on fisheries and legal pluralism (Amarasinghe, Bavinck, Stephen), an EU-funded project ( (2006-2008) focused on developing a social science master module on coastal zone management (Menon, Coulthard, Bavinck), and a DFID/NERC-funded project (2009-2010) on wellbeing and interactive governance in South Asian fisheries (Menon, Coulthard, Bavinck, Vivekanandan, Amarasinghe, Pradeep Kumara, Sosai, and Kumara). There are various connections between the South Asian and the South African teams too, such as the SANPAD project mentioned above. Vivekanandan and Amarasinghe collaborate with Sunde and Raemaekers in the context of the NGO International Collective for Support of Fishworkers (ICSF). Kumara and Jaffer collaborate as part of the World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP).

CORDAID possesses a strong partner network in southern Africa as well as in South Asia, and has a long tradition of engagement in peace-building processes. In the project’s South Asia activities in particular, CORDAID hopes to capitalize on its strong connections in the coastal region and function as a broker between the different stakeholders. CORDAID will also attempt to integrate from the initiative into the appropriate departments.


Institute of Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam

  • Maarten Bavinck (Project Coordinator)
  • Joeri Scholtens
  • Nicky Pouw
  • Various master students


  • Jan Nielen
  • Frederique Van Drumpt


Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences, University of Cape Town

  • Merle Sowman
  • Serge Raemaekers (Project Manager)
  • Philile Mbatha
  • Jackie Sunde
  • Oliver Schultz
  • Samantha Williams
  • Various Master students

Masifundise Development Trust (MDT)

  • Naseegh Jaffer
  • Mandla Gqlamana
  • Entire staff of field workers

Ahilan Kadirgamar

University of Ruhuna

  • Oscar Amarasinghe
  • Terney Pradeep Kumara
  • Dilanthi Koralagama

University of Jaffna

  • Augustine S. Soossai
  • Selvarajah Ravendran

National Fisheries Solidarity Organisation

  • Herman Kumara
  • Anthony Jesudasan

Madras Institute of Development Studies

  • Ajit Menon
  • Johny Stephen
  • Anbazhagan
  • R. Manimohan

Fisheries Management Resource Centre (FISHMARC)

  • V. Vivekanandan
  • Shibu John
  • Sajith Sukumaran
  • Mohamed Kasim

Alliance for the Release of Innocent Fishermen (ARIF)

  • Arulanandam